Popcorn Removal

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Halo Zamir

Projects – Popcorn Removal

Moses was very professional and he kept his word on appointments and what he could do. He even did research for me and ordered a part that could not be purchased locally. He had many tasks to get my house ready to be sold and he did it quickly and I highly recommend him!


Popcorn Removal

While doing this client’s popcorn removal, we did the following:

* Clear the surrounding areas where the popcorn removal would occur and put down protective covering on all surfaces. 
* Properly ventilated the room and checked for asbestos (very common for homes from the 80’s)
* After removing all the popcorn textures, we went over the treated areas and sanded them down to smooth out the surface and make it completely flat.
* Went over with another treatment step to ensure a quality job and proceed to put a primer and layer of paint to complete the job.


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