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Interior Painting

When it comes to residential painting, we have all your needs covered! From the living room, bedroom, garage, bathroom, or guest room; we have you covered. We know how important a professionally done paint job can be to not only restoring your residential property to pristine condition but also in up-keeping important year-around maintenance. Our team has years of experience painting both the interior and exterior of residential properties in the South Florida region. We bring this experience to each job we take on and guarantee complete satisfaction with our work. Call or contact us today to set up a free consultation with one of our expert team members for your next residential painting job.

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What You Will Get

HandyMan ProPro FL and its skilled painters are dedicated to interior painting services. Our team excels in enhancing the appearance of your interior space and increasing your property’s value. We guarantee exceptional results and a trustworthy experience when you choose HandyMan ProPro FL. With extensive experience in the painting industry, we cater to residential and commercial property owners throughout South Florida. Whether you require major transformations or minor touch-ups, our experts are here to assist you. Rest assured, your painting project is in capable hands with HandyMan ProPro FL, delivering top-notch services for years.

Prep The Space

The initial steps taken to create a safe and organized environment before starting a project or task, ensuring efficiency and minimizing potential hazards.

Inspect your walls for any damage

Start by inspecting your walls carefully. Spot any holes and cracks? You’ll want to fill those in to ensure the wall has an even surface.

Sand & Clean your walls

For the most beautiful finish, you want your paint surface to be as smooth and even as possible. Also, make sure your walls are clean before starting the painting process.


The process of applying paint to surfaces using brushes, rollers, or sprayers, followed by meticulous cleanup activities to remove any paint spills, drips, or debris for a pristine appearance.

Let Paint Dry

Allow sufficient time for applied paint to dry completely, typically through air evaporation or chemical curing, ensuring a durable and stable finish before further handling or modification.


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